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Welcome to Wenzhou Zhenglong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Wenzhou Zhenglong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Focus on three sides sealing bag making machine research and development

Service hotline:




Service hotline


Wenzhou Zhenglong Machinery Co, Ltd

Are internationally and domestically famous manufacturers specialized in R&D and manufacture of high speed bag making machines, including products: professional three-side-sealing high-speed bag making machines, high-speed center-sealing bag making machines, double-independent double-zipper bag making machines and medicine bag making machines. After years of development and consistent introduction of foreign advanced technologies, we have manufactured new-generation bag making machines with more mplete functions and meeting the vast customers needs. The products integrate light, electricity and gas, with such characteristics as unique technology, simple operation, fast debugging and high automated process, constantly satisfying...




Professional team

High-quality engineering and technical personnel and professional technical personnel

Quality assurance

High starting point, high positioning, high quality, high efficiency

After all

Dedicated after-sales team of manufacturers can quickly respond and solve problems